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06 April 2013

Friday 5th - The incredibly rude man next to me, watching me as I write on the plane is rather irritating

We got up after a far better night's sleep than the one before, and packed our belongings for the last time. Our flight was at 16:05, leaving us a little time to explore the city before heading to the airport. Our first thought was to visit the cemetery, which is apparently, for some reason, a big tourist draw in Zagreb. Maybe they have real life zombies there, or maybe there's just a lot of prime opportunity for grave-robbing, I don't know. We'll never find out why, though, because it's a little outside of town, and our worry that something could go horribly wrong catching our bus back, or something to make us miss our plane, kept us from venturing there.

Instead, we went to see some Naive Art, which is art produced by untrained, uneducated artists, and was awful cartoony-looking art. Alice and I spent about three minutes in the museum, trying to leave as soon as possible without offending the guy who painted many of the pieces we were looking at, as he talked about his work. Next, was the Mimara Museum; a huge collection of artwork, statues and archaeological finds from civilisations throughout history and from all over Europe and Asia. Unfortunately, much of the items came with no English introduction or explanation, so we were looking at a lot without context. We only discovered towards the end that we could've used the museum's free wi-fi to use an app that would talk us through everything as we went. I felt like a bit of a moron as I left.

Before catching our bus to the airport. Alice spotted a shop selling what she dubbed "Jesus beads", which she needed to buy to help her pretend to be Christian at a very religious university, where she needs to spend her year abroad. Very devious.

On the flight home, I'm sat next to... Really? You're still staring over my shoulder? You must realise by now that I hate you. Also, we're sat just in front of another group of hitchers, group 34, who also had a whale of a time, though spent the whole trip in hostels, never once having to camp in the snow. Jealous.

Back in Britain, now, where it's far less cold than we left it. We got home and just had to have a curry to celebrate, before crashing on the bed and watching TV until we went to sleep. God, how I've missed TV!

Photos to come.

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