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29 January 2013

Damnit, Royal Mail!

My Hitch pack arrived in the post this week. To maintain tradition, much like the 2011 Hitch pack, Royal Mail managed to completely destroy the damn thing and courteously repackage it in an “our bad” plastic bag.

It only looked marginally tidier than this before I opened it.

It’s all definitely on now, and Alice and I have bought our plane tickets for the return. This time we've avoided Ryanair like the blight of callous staff, intentionally customer-unfriendly policies and terrifyingly unskilled pilots that they are; opting for easyJet instead, with whom I've flown before with very little hassle or attempt to rip me off with hidden charges. We’re yet to formally decide on a start date for our Hitch, but our return flight will be on the 5th April.

In other news, I've received another donation of £5 this last week from my good friend Nicola Lyne, fellow ex-Portsmouth Londoner, whom I really should visit again soon. This brings my total to £35 so far. If you would like to raise this figure, click here to donate and also, don’t forget to click here to subscribe to these posts.

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